The Top Five Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

Travelling in Asia is known to be the best if you’re really willing to take an adventure because Southeast Asia is known to be the finest and most cultural part of the largest continent in the world. This place is well known because of its climate that’s just right, and has lots of little places that has a rich background behind it. If you really want to take a tour around the world, better never miss this out because this will provide you an experience of a lifetime that you will surely tell to your grandkids.

The top five places that we will mention in Southeast Asia are not more about countries; it’s more specific places that you must take note of in order for you to learn more about the rich culture that they have. These vary from country to country, and must be one of the top places that you should visit while you’re in one of the countries that are part of these top five places. Here are as follows:

Angkor Archaeological Park, Cambodia

This place is actually a temple that has lots of ancient wonders for you to look at. Expect that this very massive looking temple will give you an impression of Cambodia’s rick culture. There are lots of tourists that gather around this place, and you will be able to tour a lot despite of their number due to the enormous size of the place. It’s all yours to do the exploration indeed, and even half a day is not enough to take a tour around this lovely temple.

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

For a more cultural experience, visit this place in Myanmar. Unlike Angkor, this place is known because of its higher structures that are numerous to be exact There are lots of temples that stands around the city, and expect that there are tons of worthy places that has a strong influence of the Buddhist religion that’s great to know about.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you want a different trip, explore the wide open seas of the Halong bay in Vietnam. This has over 2000 limestone islets that you might want to explore, and has a very vast forest in some of the islets as well. A fine cruise will make your trip worth it so that you can spend some quality time here by yourself, or with friends and loved ones. Try going to the islets if you want more adventures like rock climbing and hiking for you to explore the nice places of nature. However, monsoons from rainy seasons can make the place foggy.

 Bali, Indonesia

This is a well know honeymoon spot for many couples out there, and take note that this place is indeed a great wonder indeed. There are fine beaches, and a nicely rich culture that will make you love and remember the place. Be sure to visit the black sand beaches and try to do some volcano trekking as well. This place will make you stay here for a week because of the many interesting places to visit, as well as surfing experiences.

Boracay Philippines

This is known to be a nice place in the Philippine archipelago that’s indeed a worthy experience during the summer time in the place which falls during March to May. This is indeed a very worthy experience for a vacation because of the fine white sand beaches that are present there. Not just that, the nightlife is amazing, and you will be able to experience a lot of adventures here such as parasailing and jetskiing.

Best Hiking Trails in North America

North America is the third largest continent and is gifted of simply the amazing wonders of the world. So are you up for an outdoor adventure? Explore the greatness of the Land of Opportunities because it seems like North America is also the land of the best hiking trails in the world! Check the list below and include them in your bucket list of must-go-to travel adventures. The are all great places to go visit even if you have to sell your gold for cash.

Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth, Minnesota

This is also called as SHT. Hikers definitely have one superior hiking experience whenever they are here. The breathtaking view of the Superior Lake and Sawtooth Mountains. Hikers follow the footpath going through the overwhelmingly dense boreal forests, the rich wildlife and fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls which you can’t simply get enough of with.

Indian Peaks Wilderness in Boulder, Colorado

If you are up for a worthwhile mountaineering experience, this is one great place for you. Indian Peaks Wilderness has a total of 7 peaks with campgrounds along the trail for hikers. Fishing may also be possible within the area and snowshoeing and skiing are the usual adventures for hikers during winter.

Paint Mines in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Reviews of this place are outstanding. It may be a long drive for some but nevertheless, they always come back with awe in this unique wonderland in Colorado. It is a very interesting place for hikers. Along the trail there are benches which you can rest from time to time then interpretative maps which give information about the history of the place are there too along the way. Here, you will be amazed of the different colors of the rocks that may have been caused by erosion through the years. These colors are best seen in the morning.

Oneonta George in Portland, Oregon

Wanting to be closest to nature? This one place is best for you. This place is very rich in botanical plants. Unique plant species exist in the area and it is a home of so many mosses and ferns that occupy all over logs and walls. The great features of the place are the waterfall by the end of the tunnel and the delightful swimming hole.

Enchanted Rock in Austin, Texas

Enchanted pink granite rocks, indeed. This is one of the features that hikers love about this trail. It is, in fact, where the largest pink rock in the United States is found. The view is great and you will be fascinated with the unique geological forms of the trail.

Roan Mountain Highlands in Asheville, North Carolina

Roan Mountain is divided into two sections – one is the Roan High Bluff and Roan High Know which is rich in coniferous forest and is known for its form of like a 2-humped camel. The other section – the Grassy Ridge is what the hikers have fallen in love with. Hikers consider this as the best stretch along the area because of the breathtaking view of the ethereal highlands.

There are a lot more hiking trails that North America has in their blessed continent. Check online for more hiking destinations that you and your friends or families can enjoy going to!

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Best Airline Rewards Program

Best Airline Rewards Program

Travelling is one of the best vacation activities that one could have and could experience.  Not only you will be able to unwind and forget about all the stresses that you may have in the different areas of your life.  If there is one important thing that you would be able to get out of travelling that is being able to be a recipient of the rewards program.  The next question that comes to mind is what the best Airline rewards program? There are a lot that is being offered by different airlines, but the most important thing to consider is to know what kind of benefits that you would like to enjoy, and what are the programs that would suit the lifestyle that you are living.  The different airline rewards program may range from being able to have options on flight prices and process of earning free flights and how far each dollar will go.

Airline Rewards and details

The different reviews will show the best rewards programs are being provided by the different airlines:

  1. Rapid Rewards– the highlight is that you would be able to use the card since there is no expiration date and the ability to be able to have two bags free. In addition to this there were no penalties for flight changes which could really gain more patrons. The points that were gained were also based on the flight fare and the flight class instead of the number of flights and each of this point.
  2. Continental One pass is like the usual rewards card where each of the members earns miles depending on the fares that were flown in the both Continental air and other airline partners. There is also a chance to redeem miles for travel and other upgrades and even merchandise.
  3. American Airline Advantage- this is unique because of the different ways from which you can earn the points that you may use. This is coupled with different ways which you could redeem your miles.
  4. United Airlines Mileage Plus- this has an awesome rewards system since you would be able to use the miles for travel and for the merchandise. The downside is that it expires after 18 months of inactivity.  The upside on the other hand is that if you will be able to fly for over a million miles you will have the lifetime elite status and all the other rewards that I has with it.
  5. Delta Sky miles- flying with different airline partners such as Korean Air and Alsaka air you will be able to earn 500 miles for all members. The redemption of flights depends on the tier of the specific flights. The different flights gained will allow you to redeem points and even a round trip ticket in the different partner airlines

These are just a few of the airline rewards that you will be able to get to flying in the different airline carrier.  The most important thing to look into is that what kind of airline you are frequently using.


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Top 5 Must-See Cities around the Globe

Top 5 Must-See Cities around the Globe

Are you fond of traveling? Do you take occasional time off from work and relax? Do you love visiting other countries to have fun? Surely, you can give an affirmative answer to these questions. When you’ve finally found time and have saved enough for your travel and leisure needs, one question certainly arises? Where will you go? What places and cities around the world are worth visiting? What attractions are majestic enough to be seen? In this article, you will find out the Top 5 Must-See Cities around the Globe that you definitely must add to your bucket list.

Santorini, Greece

One of the spectacles of the Mediterranean is Santorini, a place best approached by the city. Santorini is something that every honeymooner, jetsetter and backpackers would definitely love to see. With its iconic houses and villages with blue roofs and white wall paint, Santorini is very much known for its dramatic views. A stunning and enigmatic view of the Santorini’s legendary sunset can also be witnessed, most especially in the town of Oia. Santorini also boasts magnificent beaches such as the Black Pebble Beach of Kamari. Santorini is composed of many villages and townships, which offers different kinds of tourist experiences and which boasts different iconic tourist destinations.

Seville, Spain

Seville is the home of the Imperial Spanish culture. For historians, lovers of history, lovers of culture and traditions, lovers of Spanish ancestry, Seville is definitely the place made just right for you. Different antique houses and furniture can still be found in Seville and are carefully maintained for generations to come. Aside its reach historical and cultural background, Seville also boasts different tourist attractions that are truly world-class. Seville is the home to the world’s third largest church, the Cathedral of Seville. Seville is also the home of many museums which will definitely attract everyone’s quest for learning and knowledge. For all the history lovers as well as those who want to see a glimpse of the past, Seville, in the land of the Spanish people, is a must-see.


New York, United States of America

New York is yet another state to visit in the land of Uncle Jack. With its diverse and modern culture, a tourist can be fascinated by the magnificent tall skyscraper in the Wall Street. Aside from the giant buildings, New York is also home to the famous neon lights in Times Square at nights and the leafy paths of the prominent Central Park. With this mixture of different tastes, New York City pulsates different energy auras that one would surely love. Aside from being the home and center of entertainment, fashion, media, modernization and even finance, historical museums and attractions are also located in New York. Of course, New York is the home for the ever-famous and iconic Statue of Liberty, one of the symbols of the USA.

Bali, Indonesia

Island of the Gods is what Bali, Indonesia is commonly referred to. Bali boasts magnificent natural scenery, from the landscape of hills and mountains, the sandy beaches and coast lines and the volcanic hillsides. Bali is something that is worth being in post card with its picturesque view and heart-captivating natural scenery. Bali can be truly considered a paradise and is definitely a must-see for all tourists who love to see the real beauty of the planet.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a center of culture, at the same time the most offbeat metropolis in the world. It is enchanting how Amsterdam keeps the balance between the past and the future in its present. Known as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam, like Venice, boasts its wondrous waterways and canals. Despite keeping the culture of the past, Amsterdam hasn’t enclosed itself in the past and has moved through modernity. With is diverse culture and mixture of the past and present, Amsterdam is a must-see for every tourist who wants a right mix of everything.


Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Europe

Top 5 Tourist Destinations in Europe

For the travelers out there, Europe is a continent with the world’s most amazing and heart-captivating tourist destinations. Whether you want to learn, have fun, party all night or simply stroll around, Europe can definitely bring out the traveler and wanderer in you. If you’re planning for your next vacation in a foreign land, it is suggested to consider the majestic and truly stunning tourist attractions and destinations that Europe has to offer. You might be wondering where is the best place to bring out the best in your European tour. Check out this article and see what Europe has to offer.

Paris, France

Known as the City of Lights and the home of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris in France has constantly and continuously solidified its supremacy as one of Europe’s most visited cities. Aside from the legendary Eiffel Tower located in the heart of Paris, Paris also serves as the home of the Louvre, one of the biggest museums of the world. The Louvre is the home of the classic masterpieces of art that the world ever saw. Paris also boasts other tourist destination such as Champ Elysees and the Notre Dame de Paris.

Salzburg, Austria

Art lovers refer to the city of Salzburg in Austria as the Golden City of High Baroque. Salzburg boasts its magnificent century-old architecture, magnificently preserved amidst the challenges of modernization. If you’re a person who’d love to see art and history by taking a glimpse of the past, Salzburg in the beautiful country of Austria is the place made just right for you. Salzburg is the home of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his house is featured as one of the most visited attractions not just in Austria but in the whole of Europe. There are also lots of museums and art galleries that you can visit.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of the most offbeat metropolitan cities in the world, at the same time preserving the cultural heritage of its land, Amsterdam creates a nice balance of the past and the future in its present state. Amsterdam has the Museum District for all art, culture and history fanatics. Furthermore, Amsterdam is the home of the Majestic Canal Rings, which like Venice, is a gateway to transportation. Amsterdam is the must-see for the lovers of the past and the fans of the future.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the heart of Italy, one of the very few places which has moved to the present but takes care of the memories of the past. Famous artists, emperors and popes have made their step in the rich and substantial history and culture of Rome, and Italy as a whole. When in Rome, you can visit the remains of the Ancient civilization, the world famous Colosseum and lots of century-old churches. Rome is also very near to the Vatican City, the heart of the Catholic faith, where the pope is housed. Aside from the cultural and historical features of Rome, it is also the home of the authentic Italian Pizzas that everyone must definitely try!

Madrid, Spain

Perhaps Madrid is one of the most alive places on earth, and has created a live vibe of the present while maintaining its beautiful and wondrous past. Madrid has a great taste for art, music and traditional pleasure while it has transformed itself into a modern urban center in Spain. For all modern day men who would love to experience the joy of the past, Madrid is the place that you definitely must watch!



Fuel-Saving Tips and Minimizing Car Use

Both petrol and diesel prices have gone up leading to higher fuel bills. Not only can gassing up the car get expensive, but driving is also not good for the environment. Using more fuel means increased emissions. In fact, every pounds of fuel you burn creates pounds of harmful carbon dioxide that contribute to global warming and air pollution. Even if you’re not concerned about environmental issues, saving fuel makes sense and filling up those tanks is tough on our wallets.

So now car owners are looking for ways to save on fuel costs. Thinking on how to save your money by cutting down the cost of the fuel that your car usually used requires a little thought and planning. The basic areas on how to cost-cut at the pump are; how you maintain your vehicle, how you drive your vehicle, what purpose you use the vehicle for, and ways that your vehicle doesn´t have to be used at all. If you can apply these ideas and follow these tips, then you’re into minimizing your car use as well as saving fuel.

  • Use your car only when necessary. Do not make small trips back and forth to the store, etc. Save and combine your trips and map out your route to get the most done with the shortest route.
  • Take public transportation. You can find that you can do this without using your car.
  • Ride a bicycle, if you have one. The benefits are multiple: no emissions whatsoever, no traffic jams to deal with, and no parking worries as well as a healthier you! Motorcycles and scooters can carry you longer distances, using fewer resources than your car.
  • Take a walk. It’s a good exercise, too.
  • Try carpooling to work. Maybe you can work out a schedule with a co-worker. Even one day of carpooling saves you 20 percent of your workweek fuel consumption.
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads. Pack lightly for long trips. Empty your trunk of all unnecessary items.
  • Plan your journeys so that you avoid congestion, road works and getting lost.
  • Shop locally. By shopping close to home, your car trips will be shorter, so you’ll use less gas and save time. Consider shopping at a nearby market and at stores that use local suppliers. That way you’ll be supporting your local economy and reducing the number of heavy trucks traveling long distances.
  • Live closer to your destinations. When looking for a new house, explore places that are near where you work, have public transportation, and offer easy access to the places you visit most often. A shorter commute can save you hundreds of miles and hours over the course of a year.
  • Work from home. There are so many jobs that are computer-based nowadays. If you can do your job from home, arrange with your boss to do so at least one day per week. Many companies are beginning to recognize the value of this arrangement. Workers typically get a lot more done on their days at home, since interruptions are minimized. They can also start work right on time, and they don’t have to quit early to get home in time for their kids.
  • Use cruise control. Maintaining at constant speed over long distances often saves gas.
  • Obey the speed limit. As speed increases, aerodynamic drag on the car also increases.
  • Avoid hard braking at stoplights and don’t “rev” the engine. Anticipating traffic and applying slow steady acceleration and braking may increase fuel economy.
  • Turn off the air conditioner when it’s no longer needed.
  • Remove a roof rack when it’s not in use.
  • Don’t let your car idle for over 1 minute. If you are heading to a fast food restaurant, go inside rather than sitting idle in the drive-through.
  • When you want to buy a car, buy the fuel-efficient model. Small vehicles with manual transmission usually provide great fuel economy.
  • The maintenance of your car is crucial to fuel efficiency. Service your car regularly by having a tune-up, changing the oil and air filters regularly, and keeping the tires properly inflated puts less effort on your engine, therefore using less fuel. Dirty air filters, old spark plugs and low fluid levels can affect fuel economy. Underinflated tires end up putting higher pressure on the engine, which will consume more fuel.
  • Stay relaxed. Take it easy! Allow yourself a few extra minutes for your journey and enjoy a much less stressful time, rather than having to hurry and drive in an uneconomical way.

Best Cars for Long Distance Driving

Your holiday vacation is about to end, which is the saddest reality to face. But before you end the vacation, why not hit the road for one last time? Any months of the year can be your travelling period, but when it comes to long distance travels, you need a longer period. Just like in the case of cars, all cars are designed to go the distance, but there are those that are suitable for longer distance. If you are into travelling, you need a car for long distance driving. Aside from the comfort it gives, it needs to have a suitable speed, and high performance engine. Also, don’t ignore the fuel economy and space enough to accommodate your family or friends.


While all people have differences, the list of the best cars for long distance driving is based on the several reviews, and opinions from different people who are experts in this field.


Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Luxury, size and comfort. What else could you ask for on a road trip? The GL-Class model may be a higher end in terms of the price scale, but it boasts quality and guarantee for long distance travels. It has good fuel-efficient options available. This GL-Class you owned comes with 4Matic all-wheel-drive system. All of this is complemented by space, and extreme comfort.


Subaru Outback

It’s reliable, comfortable, and extremely versatile. The model has a rock-solid reliability, large cargo area, and 8.7 inches of ground clearance. Since it is spacious, it can pack up all your stuffs and take you where you want to go.


BMW 3 Series

If you are having a long road trip, do it with style and comfort with this new model. The 3 Series has been famous for a wide variety of choices it offers. With wagon and sedan body styles available, you will have your choice for exactly gear on your trip. And while versions of higher-performance come with a lower fuel mileage rating.


Toyota Highlander

This model is most commonly used for a classic road-trip for the whole family. Its 3 rows of seats can fit 7 people comfortably. That said, it is still plenty and huge enough to accommodate your road-trip cargo needs since the rear rows can be folded to create more than forty cubic feet.


Honda Fit

This may have a small body, but don’t let the size fool you. When you tour inside, you will appreciate an incredible amount of stuff. The subcompact has five seats, even though seating more than four may be a little cramped. In this seemingly small package, you can store whatever you’ll need to bring.


If fuel economy is the key, and you are the type who does most of their driving on highways, freeways, and long roads, these are the cars for you. Basically, the best cars for long distance driving belong to the fuel efficient cars provided by Consumer Reports. For some people driving isn’t about or speed, it is about going distances measured by physics calculations and not odometers.


Getting Lost? Here are the Recommended Transportation Options in Manila, PH

Getting Lost? Here are the Recommended Transportation Options in Manila, PH

For travelers out there, it’s a well known fact that manila is one of the best places that you can visit because it has rich culture, and is a very religious place as well. There are lots of places to visit while you’re in Manila indeed, and this is something that Filipinos are truly proud of. However, there might be times where you may get lost in the place, and you just don’t know where to go to your destination. But it’s a good thing that Filipinos know well how to help out those in need.

The most basic way for you to reach your destination is through the means of asking a local that roams around the streets like what you’re doing there, and for sure they will assist you on the way through. But if you want to have clearer options to find your destination there, then make sure to try out these transportation options in the place:

Ride a Jeepney

If you ever want to ride in a very unique way while you’re still in the Philippines, then take note that you can always ride the jeepney. This is a long type jeep vehicle that can fit up to 20 people, and has two sides for the long seats for passengers to sit on. There’s also a front seat there that can fit one to two people as well. You can ask the other passengers on where you’re heading at, or just ask the driver before you hop in.

Go for a Tricycle

Tricycles are very common in Manila, and this is known to be a cheap alternative for jeepneys – although the fare will be higher than the latter. This has a seat inside the sidecar of the motorbike, and has a back seat on the motorbike that can fit two people. They can privately take you to your actual destination, and take note that some tricycle drivers know well the different places in Manila if you ever want to head there. Just make sure that you’re almost near to the place since not all tricycle drivers there are capable of long trips to the place where you’re going.

Buses can be a Good Option as Well

If you’re going to metro manila, you can always take a bus ride going from here to there. These have the same mechanics as jeepneys where you can ask the conductors which way to go, and ask for a stop. These are more comfortable since it’s air conditioned, and has better seats while you can watch some TV shows. Just look at the signs on the front of the vehicle for you to know if you’ll be heading the right way as you go inside the bus.

 Don’t Rely on Taxi Fares! Here’s Why

If you’re really willing to travel, but not in a hurry, it’s better to try the mentioned options of transportation in manila rather than riding in a taxi because it will save you more money, and will give you a hint on how Filipinos try to commute every now and then. Taxis can be a good choice, but take note that this is not recommended for real adventurers while you’re in the Philippines.

These are the best ways for you to travel from place to place in the sweet country of the Philippines. Rest assured that you will have a dose of adventure as you try these rides while you’re in the country. So be sure to prepare your spirit of adventure, and try to take a ride on one or all of these mentioned transportation options. Just try not to take a taxi for the sake of experience!